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It's one of the most famous games of all time, as it helped extend console RPGs into the West's mainstream gamer community and was. Seen as the PlayStation's Killer App in its battle against Sega and Nintendo. In 2013 it was released in downloadable form on Steam. The Temple of the Ancients is located on the South continent in Http://consulask.it/vyx481748n85u29xx693067i.php Fantasy VII. It is where the Ancients used to come and pray to the planet and is actually the Black Materia. In disguise. Summary. Short summary describing this location. Navigation. Location Wiki. Images (1) Forum (0)Submitted by james k FF7 on Thu. 08282008 - 11:10. 5 this tab is called well the name of the song (btw amazing tab:)) is. Called the forested tample i was looking for the temple of the ancients in my media player library and was like erm o. k not there and then played through all of them and it was called the forested temple love it:)Final Fantasy VII by Elentor Part 49 Part 51 Return to LP Index. Part 50: [Temple of the Ancients] Chapter 50 - [Temple of the Ancients] It's.